Sharon Moroney

a little about me…

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember…… from about the age of three or four. My early memories are of collecting any scrap of clean white paper,  from the cardboard inside shirt boxes, to a roll of butchers paper given to me by a generous relative, to draw on. This memory still stays with me, I still love the look of fresh new white paper. Art has been a part of my life in one form or another ever since.

My childhood fascination with drawing cartoons and getting them ‘just right’ led me to a job in my early 20’s  as an animator for Hanna-Barbera, then for a number of years with Burbank Studios, a company specialising in full-length animated feature films for television, such as Wind in the Willows and other classics. I also did some freelance work for Disney.   My priorities shifted somewhat when my first  son was born & art became more of a hobby I enjoyed when I had time. I did portraits for friends and relatives – mainly of children and pets during this time, mostly working in acrylics and sometimes oils.While my son was in primary school I completed TAFE course in Design  – mainly to build a suitable portfolio for further education and I used this to successfully gain entry into the University of Western Sydney to undertake a Visual Arts degree. In late 2010 I started watercolour classes at the Nepean Art Society – to brush off the cobwebs, so to speak but also, as I had not worked in watercolour before,  I  saw this as a challenge. Having drawn for over 50 years, I find this skill to be a most important ingredient in making better paintings.

I had not exhibited my paintings publicly until 2011, apart from local fairs, but since then have exhibited my work at various art shows, winning a number of awards and selling many paintings. I work in mostly watercolour and graphite at the moment and most of my work in my gallery is watercolour. I love to paint and draw people, I find portraits one of the most challenging subjects but also the most rewarding. To capture the essence of someone in a painting is extremely satisfying.

A recent highlight is being accepted as a participating artist into the 2014 ‘Art Journey-Portraits and Figures’ hardcover book, an international publication produced by North Light Books. The book is a collection of portraits by artists chosen from all over the world.

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